The Mission of the Legal Advisory Office
1. To ensure that procedures regarding to the University’s legal entity are carried out in line with relevant legislations.
- Also to ensure that the general regulatory legislation and administrative procedures of the University are carried out in accordance with relevant legislations.
To contribute by issuing legal comments toward the resolution of legal issues forwarded to it in which the University is part of.
-To propose solutions within legal limits on request in those conflicts university is a party because of its activities and procedures.
2.  To carry out the duty of defending the legal rights and interests of the Bayburt University entity before the judiciary
- to defend the university before the judicial and executive bodies in actions and operations due to lawsuits filed against the university because of university’s activities and procedures.
- to search out, make claims upon and acquire the university’s rights and interests at administrative and judicial authorities.

The Vision
To ensure that the general principles of law is established according to equality and justice within the limits drawn by the legislation for all kinds of actions and procedures which are established in all units of the university.